That Time Martha Stewart Failed Me…

I realize that I’m a little late to board the chalkboard train. I have been wanting a chalkboard frame for a while now, dreaming of finding the perfect chunky beautiful frame at a thrift store and giving it new life. It turns out that those big gorgeous frames are much harder to find than I originally thought…I spent months trying to find the right one before giving up and just getting a frame from Ikea.

Once I had the frame, I was excited to transform it. I bought Martha Stewart’s “multi-surface” chalkboard paint and painted the glass with 3 coats, waiting a few hours between each coat.


I then conditioned the chalkboard by shading chalk across the whole piece of glass. It was a very unpleasant sound, literally like nails on a chalkboard. The paint didn’t feel even and my brush strokes were visible. Even though it didn’t feel right, I decided to press on and hope that the chalkboard surface would improve.


Yeaaaaaah it’s safe to say it only got worse from there. The chalk squeaked against the glass and scratched the surface, leaving marks that I could not brush off, even with water. It was an ugly mess. I was so discouraged that Martha could let me down like this with her crappy paint, and the frame stayed locked in the guest room for months.

With our housewarming party coming up, I decided to give the chalkboard frame another shot. Especially after we took down the “Christmas Countdown” frame, that wall in the kitchen looked blank and in need of some love. I’ve used Valspar spray paint on a few projects lately and I’m loving the way the paint goes on so smoothly.


(I promise I actually do have fingers, but my nails were not looking too cute so…)


After 2 coats of the Valspar chalkboard spray paint, I could immediately tell the paint was thicker and more even. Also, say hi to our brown grass. What up, California drought?!


Ahhh doesn’t it look about 800 million times better than before?! I’ve thought about maybe painting the white frame part to be a fun color that pops against our “greige” walls, but that’s another project for another day. As for now, me and Martha are fighting (even if she doesn’t know it) and I’ll be sure to read some reviews before buying her products if I haven’t used them before. Fool me once, Martha…


Spice Rack Revamp

Happy 2014! Now that the holiday season is over, we are going full force trying to finish up odds and ends around the house before our housewarming party in a few weeks. I’m planning to accomplish many lingering tasks, so the blog will (hopefully) be in a flurry of activity as well.

A few years ago, my grandfather gave me a spice rack that belonged to my grandmother who had recently passed away. Although I couldn’t use it at the time due to communal living, I knew that in the future I would love to have a piece of my grandmother’s kitchen in our home. Fast forward to moving into our own home two months ago, and the spice rack resurfaced out of the depths of my storage unit.

IMG_0700The spice rack was in perfect working order (it has a lazy susan on the bottom) but was a little outdated. Nothing a little spray paint can’t fix! Because ultimately, I’d like to paint the kitchen a light blue color, I thought I’d start small and paint the spice rack a robin’s egg blue. I got Valspar Paint + Primer in one, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular spray paint again! It goes on evenly and smoothly and it’s only $1 more than regular spray paint at Lowe’s. Totally worth the extra dollar!



IMG_0705Our backyard gets almost zero sunlight so the color looks weird here…


I added some washi tape to the lids and labeled the spices I had on hand. I like the washi tape because I can always change the labels if I decide to mix up my spice repertoire.



The finished product in it’s new home! Right next to the sadddd knives that can’t even cut a bell pepper. Let’s just say a new knife block will be first on the wedding registry list, even though I’m fairly sure we won’t last 5.5 months using butter knives to cut things.

I’m off to go work on the “lady cave!” The whole point of that room is for me to work on projects and write blog posts in there; let’s cross our fingers that I’ll be writing the next post from my pretty new ghost chair!