Monogram Towels


I’ve already made it clear that I have an unhealthy obsession with monograms. I’ve been lusting after the West Elm Hammam towels but $17 for a monogrammed towel is a hard to justify for someone who doesn’t currently have a kitchen…


Aren’t they pretty though?

Anyway, I picked up these 79¢ Tekla dishcloths on a recent Ikea trip and used a 40% off coupon at Michael’s to buy the paint (I think $2.99 full price). It was so simple, I look forward to making more of these once we have a house and know what color scheme we will use in the kitchen.


1. Wash, dry, and iron your dishcloths so you have a clean flat space to work with


2. Lay out a stencil where you want your monogram (or other design). I used a Cricut and cardstock to make my stencil. You could also use large stamps or a regular stencil.


3. Paint over the stencil using bristle brush or foam brush


4. Immediately remove the stencil and let paint dry


This super quick, cheap, and easy project took me less than 20 minutes for all three and each towel cost about $1. These would be a great addition to a wedding, housewarming, Christmas or birthday gift for your monogram-loving friends.