Christmas Countdown

IMG_0715It has been sheer insanity the last 2 months. We made an offer on a house, closed escrow exactly 30 days later, and then filled the house with necessary items like a couch, washer, and dryer. It’s been expensive, fun, rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming, but we couldn’t be happier and are so happy to finally have a place to call our own! That being said, I have a handful of half-finished blog projects (blojects?) that are in disarray in what will eventually be my craft room/office. I’m currently accepting name suggestions for what to call this room, which for now is lovingly titled the “Lady Cave.”

imageNow on to your regularly scheduled blogging…

It’s officially Christmas-time! Although my┬áChristmas tree was up and fully decorated before the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie had even settled, last week’s 5 inches of snow was just the extra push I needed to go Christmas crazy. Let’s see how many times I can say “Christmas” in this post. Ready, go.

I enjoy a good Christmas countdown, but something about those red-and-grean paper chain countdowns doesn’t scream “I’m a functional adult in the real world!” And since I’m not a huge fan of advent calendars, I thought I’d make something a a little different.

Materials needed:

White frame with a mat

Scrapbook paper – any color or theme that strikes your fancy

Vinyl letters- I found this one for $0.70 at a craft store after Christmas last year, you could probably make this with a Cricut or similar machine

Chalkboard paint, chalk


IMG_0708Frame the piece of scrapbook paper

IMG_0710Adhere the vinyl letters to the glass frame

IMG_0712Add chalkboard paint (mine was another piece of vinyl)

IMG_0714Use those math skills and figure out how many days are left until Christmas…

Now ideally, you would update this number daily but I’ll be honest, I took these pictures on Sunday and it’s yet to change from “17.” Oops. I’ll try to be better, as this is the first Christmas tradition for our little family of 2 and I’m excited to continue every year.

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy Christmas art!