DIY Personalized “Be My Bridesmaid” Wine Labels

I have officially completed my first wedding-related project and I’ve been waiting to blog this for over a month! While I was still working on the Central Coast and basically living out of a suitcase, I was very lonely and bored. Unfortunately, all my crafting supplies were sitting in storage 7 hours away. Bad idea! I obviously had a mental breakdown and being the great fiancé he is, Casey told me to go buy new craft supplies and do my thing. As if I needed another reason to marry him.

Armed with my new crafting tools, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. I was originally going to buy these on Etsy, but I really thought I could do them myself. Plus when you buy, you’re limited to certain styles and colors but with DIY you can literally pick anything. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these were!

  • Buy wine bottles: this can be done based on the type of wine, price, or color of the top label
I used Beringer “Pink Moscato” mainly for the pink top label

  • Remove wine labels: soak bottles in warm water and Oxy Clean (approximately 1 scoop) for 2 hours and the labels will rub right off
As for the temperature, I used pretty warm water but not so hot that it may alter the quality of the wine
The bottles are extremely slippery so be extra careful and be sure to rinse the bottles off before going on to the next steps
Squeaky clean bottles!

  • Create new labels: using whatever font you like, create a label (I used Microsoft Word, font was “Jenna Sue”) and print on adhesive paper*, you should be able to fit at least 2 labels on each sheet
*I had to go to Staples to print my labels because apparently if you don’t use your printer for over a year your ink cartridge dries out. This just goes to show you how much printing I’ve done since graduating college.
  • Cut the personalized label down to size and adhere to cardstock/scrapbook paper cut down to preferred size.
 Here are all the labels, waiting to be adhered to the bottles! I made one extra as a keepsake for us (far right)
I used double-sided tape on the back of the cardstock to adhere the label to the bottle. As it turns out, double-sided tape is extremely hard to photograph…
Just to be safe, I used 2 rubber bands to hold the labels in place until the tape was really stuck to the bottle.
I left the rubber bands on for a few days.
The finished product!
Megan, Adrianna, Leah, Hilary, Shelby, Courtney, and Lesley: Casey & I love you all and we are so excited to have you celebrate our special day with us!

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