DIY Jewelry Stand

A few weekends ago, my roommate and I made a quick trip to Cambria, CA to scope out their antique stores. Cambria is an adorable little beach town with a ton of antiquey-thrift stores about 30 minutes from our house. I was looking for some cool plates to make a 3-tiered jewelry stand and was so pleased to have found these three adorable plates.


I picked them because of the cute details on the outer edge of the plate, knowing I would be painting over the floral design and the landmarks of Long Beach (upper left plate). I think the edge details complement each other without being too matchy. I used Krylon’s White Gloss spray paint and started with quick, light coats:



Bye bye flowers!


Because the plates had some very small details, I used a toothpick to poke where the spray paint started to pool in the holes. I did this after each coat, mainly because I struggle with the term “quick light coats” and I’m also extremely impatient for each coat to dry, whether it be nail polish or spray paint. Moving on!




LOVE the way they turned out, they look so crisp and white! I was worried that they would actually look painted, but I think they just look like white plates. The next step was creating the tiers, using votive holders from Michael’s. The votive holders from the Dollar Store were way too tall for my purpose, but they would be perfect if you were making a cupcake holder and needed more space between each tier.



I placed glue around the bottom of the votive holder and pressed firmly, careful not to let it slide around on the plate. I put some books on top to keep weight on it until the glue completely dried. I waited 24 hours for the glue to dry, just to be safe. Then I repeated these steps until all three tiers were done.



Isn’t it cute?!


The view from this angle makes it look off-center and unbalanced, but it is actually level in person. My new jewelry stand sits on my dresser and holds bobby pins, hair ties, contact case, and other items that don’t quite have a home.


And because I just can’t resist taking pictures of it, I’ll show you that it also holds my beautiful ring when I’m doing housewifey things like washing dishes and kneading homemade dough. Because I totally do those things all the time.

To recap, I used the following for this project:

  • Three dishes
  • Krylon Gloss White spray paint (if you find plates that match, you don’t need paint)
  • Toothpicks (if your plates have any cut-outs)
  • Two votive holders
  • Household glue


This is where it sits on my dresser, which was one of my very first DIY projects (pre-blog, so I have very little documentation of the transformation). It was my first furniture refinish and I learned a LOT, so I’m getting very antsy to do more big projects like this one.

What projects, big or small, have you been looking to tackle lately? Any good thrift store finds?


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