DIY Anthropologie Confetti Wine Glasses

The most important lesson I have learned since graduating college (9 months ago?!? What?!) is the importance of a relaxing glass of wine after a long day. Okay so maybe that’s not the most important lesson but sometimes, it’s just necessary to pour yourself a glass of wine and decompress. As one of my dear friends and roommates is quickly approaching her graduation in a few weeks, I was fairly certain what would make a wonderful gift to commemorate the occasion: a set of hand-painted, stemless wine glasses, waiting to be filled with a celebratory beverage.

I was inspired by this post at Radial Possibility, who has some amazing Anthropologie knock-offs. Plus she’s hilarious so she’s got that going for her as well. I trekked over to Marshall’s on my lunch break last week and picked up these bad boys:


I like the red wine glasses better because they’re shorter but you could definitely use either one.


I already had these ceramic and glass paints on hand from other projects but you can buy them at any craft store. From there, I began the painting process. It’s very a very complicated method so pay close attention: Make dots. On the glass. In no particular order. Did I just blow your mind?


I put rubber bands at about the same level on each glass so the dots would be somewhat even.

Once you are happy with the confetti amount, place the glasses in a cool oven and set temperature for 425° for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven at 30 minutes and leave the glasses in the oven until cooled. This sets the paint, so it should be washable. Because I am giving these as a gift, I won’t test them first but simply cross my fingers and hope the paint stays!


Vwa-lah! Finished product.


These turned out sooo cute, I really hope that the paint holds up to washing. The color possibilities are endless, I’m thinking I’ll make some with gold and silver for the holiday season. So fill up your glass with some cheap champagne and toast to success, congratulations Hil!

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