DIY Sunburst Mirror

I’ve recently been looking for ways to spice up the boring white walls in my bedroom (oh, the joys of renting!). I used to have a hand-painted canvas above my bed and the birds matched my sheets, but then I changed my sheets to tan and the whole look was off.


Canvas from Michaels + silver paint + black paint + paper birds cut from a Cricut

Then I found this DIY Starburst Mirror on Pinterest and fell in love! I had been looking at similar wall art that was much pricier so I was super excited to see a DIY version. I highly recommend taking a visit to her blog too, it’s inspiring on a creative level and  on a personal one.

I had some of the supplies already on hand (spray paint, hot glue) but I made my weekly trip to Michaels to get the rest: 75 wooden dowels8-inch round mirror, and picture hanging hooks. I was surprised how many dowels it took to finish. I thought I would have extra, but I had barely enough.


Here it is about 3/4 of the way done. I drew lines with a ruler but it looked a little too exact so I just eye-balled it.

I started hot gluing, trying to mix up the lengths to keep it interesting. After all of the dowels were glued on securely, I covered the mirror with tin foil and spray-painted it Krylon Chrome. Once dry, I attached the wall hook to the back of the mirror with a magical mixture of super glue and hot glue. I tested the hook about a million times because I knew this was going above my bed and I prefer not to be impaled by a mixture of glass and wood in the middle of the night.


And here it is, fully installed! Oh, and say hi to Muffin, my early Valentine’s Day gift.

I really love how it turned out, especially for such an inexpensive DIY. I could have gone with a color that popped more against the white wall but I did consider that someday soon (hopefully) we will have our own home that we can paint a dramatic color and the silver will really stand out.

I hope everyone has a great Super Bowl weekend! I have a lot of food ideas swirling around in my head for Game Day, and almost of them involve a hearty serving of Buffalo sauce. Can’t wait to show you what I come up with!


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