Housewife Problem #001


My name is Jamie and I have a passion for trying new recipes, organizing closets, and making a room come together. As a recent college graduate learning to navigate the working world, I am beginning to adjust to waking up four hours earlier than my body would prefer, preparing my lunches the night before, and actually brushing my hair every morning. Did I mention that I live with wonderful roommates who are still in college, living the dream, while I attempt to make this graceful transition into adulthood?

It’s safe to say I am adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, but lately I’m even more excited to settle in and refine my homemaking skills because I’m getting married! It’s still over a year away which gives me time to practice (and plan!), but I’m truly looking forward to marrying my best friend and starting our life together.

In this blog, you will find recipes, crafts, decor ideas, DIY projects, wedding madness, and my anecdotes of the delicate balance between twenty-something and productive member of society. Join me as I face these life struggles that can only be classified as housewife problems.


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